Want to see your favorite character or OC in my style? Digital Art Commissions are now available!
*This is not a sticker request form. This is for full digital art pieces. Please DM me on Instagram if there is a specific character you’d like to see as a sticker/peeker.*

Status: OPEN

Commission Policy (must read before requesting)

These are not custom sticker commissions, only digital copies of my art. Everything I draw will be in my style.

While I am being paid to do these, I still want to enjoy what I'm drawing. I will not draw the following: 

  • Loli/shota art
  • Fetish art
  • Mecha
  • Full furries/animals (animal features on humans OK!)
  • Realistic portraits

As long as your request doesn't include anything in the list above it should be fine! However, your request will be rejected if it does contain any of those.

I will draw NSFW/Lewd for an additional cost! If interested, please add it onto your commission build when filling out the form below!

Please do not:

  • Try to bargain/compare prices to other artists
  • Try to convince me to draw something that I said I wouldn't draw
  • Be rude when critiquing or in general

And finally, if you choose to use this for personal use, as a commissioner you may:

  • Use the art as a profile picture, for display on a stream, thumbnails, or repost the art on other sites with proper credit to my Instagram (@sanchi.decals) or Twitter (@sanchibo1(with no profit purposes)
  • Print the art/make stickers for personal use only. You are not authorized to sell products using your commission.

If you wish to use your commission for commercial use, please choose so in your form and we will discuss pricing and usage through email.

How it'll go:
1. I'll first get the details for your commission from you to give you your price.
2. I will send you an invoice to pay for the first half of your commission. 3. Once I receive the first half, I'll start on the initial sketch. I'll send a watermarked sketch for you to approve.
4. Once you've approved the sketch I'll go on to do the final version and send you a watermarked final.
5. If everything looks good, then I'll send you the invoice for the second half and will send the final image file after receiving the second half.

Request Form

Fill out the form below to the best of your ability. If I approve your request, I'll send you a follow up email with further instructions! For a better idea of my style, check out the media tab on my Twitter @sanchibo